Endorsed Programmes

Criteria For ELSA Endorsement of Educational Events



1. Applicant and/or the Organizer should be an ELSA member.

2.Endorsement can only be granted for Conferences/ Courses related to MIS Surgery.

3.The scientific program including organizing committee members, list of Speakersand Faculty should be submitted with a request letter for endorsement to the ELSASecretariat.

4.The request of Endorsement will be circulated to all Executive Committee Members of ELSA for approval.

5. An approval letter from the President/Secretary of ELSA should be acquired by the organizer before announcing the endorsement.

6. At least 2 Members of the Board of Governors of ELSA should be part of the Faculty.

7. The endorsement is valid only for the stated Congress/Workshop.

8. A reduced Registration Fee should be offered to all ELSA members.

9. The Endorsement does not involve financial support from ELSA

10. ELSA may Charge a Fee for the Endorsement.




1. The endorsed training course/ conference would be promoted on the ELSA official website.

2. The endorsed training course/ conference would be promoted during the ELSA Event.

3. The organizer should recognize the endorsement of ELSA by printing the Logo on the Brochure and all Congress Material

Endorsed Programmes


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