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ELSA has as mandate to promote and develop endo-laparoscopic surgery in the Asia-Pacific area.

In 2011 the Outreach Programme has been formalized and started with a specific focus to develop and support Surgical Training Programmes in Minimally Invasive Surgery in Developing Countries.

The programme through a support from 3 to 5 years it has the goal “to train the future Trainer” through a structured programme that range from Basic Endosurgical Skills Courses to Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery Courses, proctorship and fellowship in MIS. The first ELSA Surgical programme “Train-the Future Trainer” has been launched in Myanmar in 2011 with the fruitful collaboration of a group of dedicated Teachers from the Medical School in Yangon. Till now about 14 Courses have been organized in all Burmese medical Schools and also different specialties involved. Three MIS training surgical skills laboratory have been setup to allow the local surgeons and surgical residents to continue training and in the future to run their own training programme. This Format has been then exported to other Asian Countries and since 2012, the ELSA Outreach Programme has involved: Nepal, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Philippines, Indonesia, India, and Pakistan. A total of more then 12 Courses are orgazinzed yearly with a task force of surgeons from the ELSA Community.


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Programme Committee

ELSA Outreach Programme Committee:

Davide Lomanto, Singapore
Allen A Buenafe, Philippines

Anil Sharma, India
Asim Shabbir, Singapore
Juvie P Villaflor, Philippines
T. Sathien, Thailand
Suthep U, Thailand
Peter MY Goh, Singapore
Yoke Fai Fong, Singapore
Ho Ying Woo, Singapore
Nurse Hser GH, Singapore
Wyn Mint, Myanmar
Ye Mynt Myanmar
Moe Moe, Tin, Myanmar
Tin Tin Mar, Myanmar
Shein Myint, Myanmar
MB Fuentes, Philippines
Htun Oo, Myanmar
Aye Mon, Myanmar
Kim GuoWei, Singapore
Tan Wee Boon, Singapore
Victor Lee, Singapore
Shailesh Adhikari, Nepal
Pradeep Vaidya, Nepal
Sarder Nayeem, Bangladesh
Towhidul Alam, Bangladesh
Kabir Chowdhuri, Bangladesh
Jun Gi Kim, S Korea
Nandadeva Samarasekera, Sri Lanka,
Sujith Wijerathne, Singapore
S.Sivaganesh, Sri Lanka
Eva Lourdes Sta Clara, Philippines
Masood Rashid, Pakistan
Ehsan Rehman, Pakistan
Umar Javed, Pakistan
Sajid Malik, Pakistan
Lem Dara , Cambodia
SS Ngoi, Singapore
Jin Bong, Malaysia
Barlian S, Indonesia
Errawan W,Indonesia
Jaideep Rao,Singapore
Quan LeTuan, Vietnam

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Past Programmes

Past Programmes



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